Corporate social responsibilty

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is based on our responsibility to conduct business with respect for the triple bottom line; people, planet, and economy and we are committed to ensuring responsible and ethical business processes throughout our organization and activities.

Our commitment is built upon internationally recognized principles on human rights, environment and anti-corruption. These principles stem from the UN Global Compact; the United Nations' corporate social responsibility initiative that we joined in 2010.

In practice, our commitment means that we work to identify, prevent and mitigate adverse impacts on the triple bottom line. We communicate transparently about how we manage this work on an annual basis; about our progress, challenges and goals and our annual report is a tool of evaluating our progress.

We will work actively to manage potential and actual adverse impacts, which we cause or contribute to, or to which we are directly linked through our business relationships. 

Social Responsibility

Our responsibility is of wide range, internally and externally and our daily work touches the lives of millions of people; caregivers, patients, and relatives. Based upon internationally recognized principles for human rights included in the UN Global Compact, the International Bill of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) on Business and Human Rights, we see it as our responsibility to have processes in place to ensure respect for human rights for everyone connected to Radiometer.

Environmental Responsibility

As a manufacturing company, we will undoubtedly impact the environment. It is therefore important to take responsibility and work to mitigate potential risks and install countermeasures. Our responsibilities towards the environment are evident in the UN Global Compact principles 7-9, deriving from the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

Economic Responsibility

We commit to being open and transparent about our business activities and will not participate in or support any form of bribery, corruption or fraudulent practices. For that reason, we have strict anti-corruption procedures and processes in place. Our economic responsibility is evident in the UN Global Compact Principle 10, deriving from the UN Convention against corruption.

Read how we work with CSR in practice in our annual CSR reports:

CSR report 2016
CSR report 2015
CSR report 2014

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